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The easiest and most secure way to sell digital magazine subscriptions and single issues directly to your readers.

Sell Digital Magazines Online

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  • Start selling your digital magazines with Joomag by uploading a PDF and converting it to interactive HTML5 magazine. Then enhance your content with interactive elements, including photo galleries, videos, hotspots, and plugins.
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Start by Uploading Your PDF

  • Brand your HTML5 Viewer the way you want - change its background colors, include logos, or connect your magazine to your domain.


How to Sell Digital Magazines

  • Your content will adapt. Digital magazines created on Joomag’s platform are automatically repurposed for multiple formats. Readers from every corner of the world can enjoy your work on their preferred devices, including tablets, desktop devices, and smartphones.

Set Preview Pages & Go Live


  • Give them a little taste. For paid subscriptions determine the number of pages that can be previewed by potential buyers.
  • Just hit the "Go Live" button once your content is ready for publishing, and you're set. Leverage Joomag's distribution channels, such as embedding, email marketing, CRM, branded apps, to inflate your magazine exposure.
Set Preview Pages & Go Live

Sell Digital Issues and Subscriptions


Sell Digital Issues and Subscriptions
  • Joomag's advanced tier-based system will automatically convert prices into 24 different currencies, helping you appeal to a wider, international audience.
  • Set the price and frequency for single issue publications or add magazine subscription packages with one button click. Joomag's DRM system protects content from unauthorized distribution.
  • Sales statistics: view the total number of digital publications, subscriptions, and single issues sold during a particular time period, in addition to the net profit after commissions are applied.

Measure Your Performance


  • Magazine statistics: collect valuable data like which parts of your magazine are read most, how viewers are interacting with a page, where they come from (country, city), what devices they use and which links receive the most clicks.
Measure Magazine Performance

Leverage Joomag's all-in-one digital publishing platform to sell your online magazines.

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Create and Sell Your Digital Magazines with Joomag!

Joomag's standard commission fees are deducted from sales and can range from 10%, 20%, or 30% depending on your billing plan.

What's the commission?

Earnings made from the 15th of the previous month to 14th of the current month will be transferred to your PayPal account.

How do I get paid?

What currencies are supported?

The price will be automatically displayed in the currency of the country the reader is visiting from. For all the countries that are not included in Tier list (24 different currencies), the price will be displayed in USD.

Buying publications is just as easy as selling them. Readers can purchase issues or subscribe to them with one click. Any newly published issues will be delivered automatically once the "Go Live" button is selected.

How do readers purchase my magazines?

You can reward loyal readers by creating special coupons for issues and subscriptions, or sending out complimentary issues.

Can I offer coupons or complimentary issues to my readers?

How can I distribute my digital magazine?

You can share your digital magazine with a short URL, embed it on your website, or distribute it via Joomag's CRM and email marketing tools.

Our team will build your own branded app for App Store and Google Play. We will constantly update it with any new features, so that you can easily deliver your online magazines to your readers. Once your magazine goes live, it’s automatically published to your app and readers will receive a notification about it.

Can I distribute my digital magazines on App Store & Google Play?

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