300+ beautiful & free brochure templates, engaging interactive elements

Create Digital Brochures that Stand Apart From the Rest

Create Digital Brochures that Stand Apart From the Rest

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How to Create a Digital Brochure

Convert a PDF into a beautiful interactive HTML5 brochure. Then customize the online viewer, by adding your own background, logo and colors.

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Upload a PDF

Choose from 300 professional templates to build your dream brochure. Then customize the way you want.

Free Brochure Templates

brochure templates

Enhance Your Brochure with Interactive Elements

Add any YouTube, Vimeo, or your own videos to further captivate your audience. Set the mood for your brochure and add music to it via MP3 or SoundCloud audio files.

Video & Audio

Save space on your page and add some extra flair by combining all your photos into one beautiful, fully customizable slideshows.



Have a website you want readers to check out? Direct them to it or any other external site right from your publication using hotspots.

video & audio slideshows hotspots

Connect with your readers on a deeper level and let them instantly rate your content, provide live feedback, or chat within the brochure.

Interactive plugins

Include handy, interactive HTML pop-ups in your brochure and link them to websites, videos, and any other important media.


interactive plugins HTML
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Maximize your reach and publish your online brochure on all channels at the same time. Use Joomag's CRM or email marketing tools to mass mail your digital brochures to customers.

Distribute Your Digital Brochure

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Numbers speak louder than words. Discover how many readers your online brochure attracts, where they come from, how long they read your content, what links they click on, and what devices they're using.

Measure Your Brochure Performance

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Key Features

Choose from our extensive library of professionally designed, fully-customizable brochure templates to help you get started.

300+ free templates

With rich media, videos, and interactive plugins your online brochures will leave a lasting impression.

Interactive elements

Lead generation forms

Embed custom forms and pop-ups and set them to appear throughout your ebrochure.

brochure templates interactive elements lead generation forms

Customize the online viewer by adding your own logo, background, and colors.

Viewer customization & branding

Link your domain to your digital brochure for a more professional look.

Custom domains

Powerful SEO options

Get your online brochures featured on Google! Select keywords or phrases for search engines to crawl, index, and rank.

viewer customization & branding custom domains powerful SEO options

Embed your brochure into existing web pages and blogs, or showcase multiple publications on your very own digital newsstand.


Your HTML5 brochures will look equally gorgeous on every device.

Accessible on all devices

Advanced privacy settings

Protect your hard work with multiple unique privacy options.

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